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Graphene Tire Coating & Protectant - Towel Combo

Graphene Tire Coating & Protectant - Towel Combo

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Description: Graphene Tire Coating & Protectant is the ultimate solution for rejuvenating and safeguarding dull rubber, as well as exterior plastics and trim. Formulated with graphene-oxide and UV inhibitors, it forms a resilient, long-lasting coating that not only revitalizes and protects but also dries quickly to prevent any unsightly slinging.  

Directions: Shake well before use. To prevent overspray, apply the product to desired surface using a clean microfiber or applicator. If any excess product collects in low spots, ensure it is leveled or wiped away before allowing it to dry. Allow the product to dry for 10-15 minutes before using the vehicle or exposing the treated surface to water. For an enhanced shine, the product can be layered, but a single application will provide a like-new satin finish.

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