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Iron Remover - Towel Combo

Iron Remover - Towel Combo

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Description: Iron Remover is engineered to quickly and safely dissolve iron particulates and other contaminants from painted surfaces and wheels. Its color-changing formula signifies that it is actively working to eliminate these stubborn and embedded contaminants. It’s also an ideal preliminary step before clay barring or polishing to ensure your surfaces are primed for a flawless finish.

Directions: For best results, start with a clean, cool surface out of direct sunlight. Spray onto surface and allow it react with contaminants for 3-5 minutes. Product should not be allowed to dry, so mists of water may be needed. Rinse thoroughly, ensuring removal from all crevices. Repeat these steps as necessary for more stubborn contaminants.

Never allow Iron Remover to dry on surface.

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