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Quick Detailer - Towel Combo

Quick Detailer - Towel Combo

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Quick Detailer is a quick easy-to-use formula to clean and shine the exterior of your vehicle between washes. Formulated with cleaning agents and lubricants to safely and easily remove light dust, fingerprints, bird droppings and other surface contaminants. ALSO works great as a clay lubricant.

Directions: Shake well before use. Spray directly to surface and use one of the included clean microfiber towels (which are perfectly suited for a wide range of detailing tasks, including drying, buffing, and applying wax or polish), to wipe away any dirt or contaminants. Please note that scrubbing too hard can result in scratching or marring of a paints surface.

Net 16 fl oz (473mL), 5 Microfiber Towels

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