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Silica Waterless Wash - Use as a Drying Aid

Silica Waterless Wash - Use as a Drying Aid

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Description: Silica Waterless Wash serves as both a waterless wash and a drying aid. Combining the cleansing power of a detail spray with the protective qualities of a silica-infused paint sealant, this versatile product cleans, lubricates, and seals your vehicle’s exterior without the need for water. Furthermore, it excels as a drying aid, facilitating the drying process after a traditional wash, while also adding an extra layer of protection.

Directions: As a waterless wash: Spray directly onto a dusty or slightly dirty exterior surface. Using a high-quality microfiber cloth folded into eights, wipe in a consistent singular direction, unfolding to a new section for each successive pass. Once the initial wiping is done, use a new and clean microfiber cloth to eliminate any surplus product. As a drying aid: Following a traditional wash and while vehicle is still wet, apply 2 to 3 sprays per panel before proceeding with drying. 

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