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Wheel & Tire Cleaner - Non-Acid Formula

Wheel & Tire Cleaner - Non-Acid Formula

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Description: Wheel & Tire Cleaner boasts a non-acid formula, making it safe for use on painted, chrome, clear-coated, powder-coated and factory finished wheels. This highly effective cleaner effortlessly eliminates brake dust buildup and breaks down unsightly tire bloom (brown tires). 

Directions: Shake well before use. Start by rinsing your wheel and tire with water, then spray product onto desired area. Allow the product to penetrate and loosen contaminants. For stubborn brake dust or road grime, agitate surface with a brush or cloth. A soft-bristled brush is recommended for wheel surfaces to prevent scratching, and a stiffer bristle brush may be required when cleaning rubber sidewalls. After thorough cleaning, rinse with plenty of clean water to ensure complete product removal.  

Never allow Wheel & Tire Cleaner to dry on surface.

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